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EiGiBeast responds:

SWFs play audio at its original volume unless a slider is implemented. Most applications today allow you to control video volume. This makes SWF volume loud in comparison. You can fix it by lowering your main audio control. You can fix it by getting a tab audio controller. You can fix it by downloading the flash, playing it through a custom player with volume, or playing it regularly and controlling the volume of flash as a program on your pc.
I want to learn how to implement audio control, but I wanted to keep this one simple.
Hope this helps

ow my ears

The interpolation just makes it look... bad. The original frames were fine as they were.

I recognize this skit from anywhere. Looney Tunes did this first.

CrispyToastYT responds:

Yep. And stuff like this never gets old.

It's pretty dark. Some lights such as streetlamps or something would've set the mood better AND we could've seen the action better, too.

I barely heard the guy say "Open Sesame" against the music. Neat little animation, though, you reminded me of how I first encountered automatic toilets after moving from a small lowtech town to a more upscale place.
EDIT: The music itself is fine, the voice volume is just very low.

AYOUND responds:

Thanks for the feedback, i thought the music volume was okay cuz i was using headphones.

This could be a heck of a lot better. Mixing pixel sizes can absolutely ruin the image, making things inconsistent for starters, and downright ugly otherwise. I'm also not exactly sure what is actually going on.
If you are going to do more regular pixel animations, keep to one size as you are making your sprites and other pixel backgrounds, do not upscale under any circumstances unless you're working with faux 3D effects (Ex: as seen in Doom 1993). Blocky does not need to be ugly.

EpicGirlGamer6 responds:

Thank you, This is kinda old and this is my first so I didn't know what I was doing but, thank you for the honesty. I appreciate it

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