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This looks really good! But why, oh why did you save it as a JPG? If you want to keep the crisp appearance, save it as a PNG instead.

Radioexp responds:

Yknow I think I uploaded the wrong file LOL. I have it as a png somewhere, this from a month or two ago

Hmmm. I wonder if she's actually mute.

Who's a good little noddy soldier? Yes you are! Yes you are!

He looks like a cut asset from Quake!

Chromonaut responds:

Thanks! Quake was def a reference point for modeling!


I can tell that we're about to go into some fun, fun times real soon.

Excellent work! I love the use of a limited palette.
... But uh, I think you meant "Aurora" Borealis.

Twoeliz responds:

Actually I didn't limit myself to a palette but I think that using few colors may come naturally to me.
Ahh I see, thanks for letting me know! When I am not sure of something I look it up and since I still found them that way I thought it was a correct way to spell it lol too bad that it's gonna stay on the link forever.

"Disco Zombi Italia". That's a Carpenter Brut song title. Is it from another source I don't know about?
(Great job on the woman, by the way! In love with the modest figure!)

JuicyDemon responds:

Not that I know of, I just really like that song! Also, she's half Italian so I feel like it fits.
(Also, thank you!)

He sure does.

The open end of the Tankman's helmet is so small and narrow on your pixel-art that it gives the impression of blackface lips instead. To avoid this, reference the little dude on the rating scale; the face is visible right below the goggles and all the way down to the chin.

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