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Oy! Commissions are OPEN!

Posted by ProjectDarkFox - March 8th, 2019


The Terms and Conditions have been drastically revised from March 2018. Please read through them before ordering your commission!


Please be clear of what "media type" (Sketch, Doodle, Line-art, Shaded Line-art, Flats, Cel-shade, Advanced) you would like. This is a direct indicator of how much you are going to pay, as it's based on how long a picture can take. OR, you may also set a fixed price, a "Pay what you want" rate, but this leaves me with the option to do whatever I want as far as media goes. "Pay what you want" prices will be based on a $15 per hour rate, as that is the approximate rate for all media types.

- 1a. Extra characters on the same picture are an extra 50%. Vehicles such as either cars, tanks or BattleMechs count as characters when figuring your price. Simple backgrounds are typically included in the price.

- 1b. Complicated characters and all BattleMechs (or other mecha), vehicles, or other complex machinery in the foreground will count as two characters as I see fit. This can typically include characters with extremely complex fur pattern designs, an excessive amount of accessories, and many other examples. You will be warned before I queue the commission.

- 1c. Small icons (512x512 pixels), such as for display pictures or avatars, are available for half the price. Picture is drawn from the chest up. Icon is available at any medium.

- 1d. Reference sheets are available! For around $100 USD, I can draw a detailed reference for your character. Only available in cel-shade. Simpler characters may see a reduced rate or very complicated characters an increased rate, dependent on time spent; you'll find out in the invoice.

- 1e. Comic commissions are now available! Individual pages are 500% the base media price, with pages being a typical 8.5" by 11" page of paper at 300dpi (2550x3300px). Pages with less than 4 panels will be figured differently as if it is a sequential commission (point 1f, below), and if it is less than 500%, that price will be used instead for that page. I will not be responsible for the comic's layout and the commissioner must be in constant contact with me as I am doing this commission, such as during a stream. No minimum of pages but I might get sour with you if you try to jam 8+ panels into a page. That's not readable, man.

- 1f. Sequential commissions are available, but there is no "sale" for buying pictures in bulk, and you will be charged for each picture in the sequence as if its own commission. Again, you will be warned about this before I proceed with the sequence. If you need more than 4 sequential commissions, consider a comic commission, above.

- 1g. Alternates of commissioned artwork, depending on complexity, will each cost approximately 20% of the final price agreed upon for the original. Very simple alterations such as color swaps may be lower. An "alternate" is defined as an alteration of the original art that adds, removes or changes small elements of the original art. No more than 3 alts will be permitted in one commission.

- 1h. Mature and Adult pieces are still available, but they will no longer be posted publicly. In addition, the total price will increase by 50% for Mature rated and 100% for Adult rated. Ratings are based on Inkbunny's straightforward rating system: general nudity without showing fluids or arousal is considered Mature, and anything explicit or approaching it, such as sensual touching or posing may be considered Adult.

- 1i. There is a minimum transaction cost of $10 USD. If for some reason your running total is less than $10, it will be brought up to $10. Consider either asking for more work or increasing the potential quality of your picture.


Please be extra clear of what you want drawn. The less IMs and time we spend trading with each other, the faster I can queue you in, and draw for you. I don't like looking at vague requests, then trying to figure out what you had on your mind, then I take too much artistic license and you're unhappy with the product. You will not be put on the list until I am confident that I have all the information I need!

- 2a. Please don't waffle. Please know for sure what you want, and don't change your mind halfway through negotiations! I have better things to do than to draw out a conversation, when I could be drawing out your picture instead.

- 2b. Changing your mind mid-drawing or mid-stream when the details of the commission have been finalized will have the work to your commission ceased, portion of price demanded relative to the amount of work done, and you dropped from the list immediately. You will not be allowed to commission me again. I will remember, too, and so will everyone else: I keep a public banned list on the commission queue page.

- 2c. Within reason, I can return to your picture if there are any glaring issues with your commission. Please bring up such issues privately, such as over the Note/PM system. You have 72 hours after the date and time of submission to bring up such issues.

- 2d. I reserve the right to refuse service to you for any reason. Please mind your manners: I will not deal with hostile customers, as I do this enough during my day job.


Do not prepay me. I will tell you when to pay in your preferred method before I post my artwork. This protects your money in case a note is lost, and also encourages me to finish your commission faster.

- 3a. One method of pay I accept is payment through PayPal. When commissioning, please send me your PayPal address. This address is used to send you an invoice when the picture is completed.

- 3b. I am also accepting payments through Square, if you do not have a PayPal but you have a credit or debit card, or choose to not deal with the draconian Terms of Service with PayPal. I will walk you through how to pay when it is time to do so.


If you are requesting content of a mature or adult nature, please ask about what sort of "fetishes" I won't do for your request, because I am rather picky in this department. NO UNDERAGE ADULT ART! If you so much as ask about this, I will block you from anywhere you contact me and your name added to the public ban list immediately. I take this rule quite seriously.

- 4a. A few no-nos I won't draw: Underage (Mature+), diapers, scat, rape (excluding if personal character Rachel Gates is the victim or if you have full ownership of the victim), hate art (the depiction of putting the victim or victim's character into a terrible position), beastiality. This is not an exhaustive list.


Please tell me if you do NOT want it submitted to my online galleries. I understand if you want to keep a picture private, but I also would like to tell people that I am active. I will link to your gallery if you have one, unless given instruction not to, so keep this in consideration. If I am not given a decision, General-rated pics will be posted publicly. Remember, Mature and Adult rated pieces will not be posted.

- 5a. If you ask for a sketch or Line-art, you are welcome to color it yourself. If you post it online, you must link to my gallery and notify me.

- 5b. Other artists that are not you may not color sketches or line-art unless it is done for free, or if you ask me for permission. Like before, if it is posted online, you must link to my gallery and notify me.

- 5c. You are welcome to post the finished commission to your gallery (regardless of its rating), but you MUST link back to me and notify me.

If you are interested in ordering something, please send me a note at either FurAffinity or InkBunny, or a DM at Twitter.

I hope to work with you in the future!